Our Commitment


"I would like to compliment the outstanding service that I have received from Kyle and Tony at your Mesa location. As well as the exceptional service and follow up from Jared at your Peoria location.... Kyle was fabulous as he came to my North Scottsdale home on numerous occasions to provide me samples and guide me through the process. He also made sure that I was educated on the various options at the showroom as well. Furthermore, I would text him pictures and he would get back to me immediately! He is a truly fantastic, knowledgeable and an outstanding representative of the company. Way to go above and beyond Kyle! Thank you!

We're almost finished with our selection (just one more house with our choice stone to view). I can't thank your outstanding employees enough! You should be proud to have such exceptional representation for your company. Our house will be featured in a North Scottsdale magazine and we will have Arizona Stone to thank for how well it will look!"

- Tracy and Family

"Mr. Burke - Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that our business over the years have used the Mesa store (and its group of employees there including Brittanny there) for a number of our houses both directly and indirectly through our subs. We have appreciated how great they have been to work with, their positive attitude, knowledge of product and just a great store to stop by and get what we need to provide a quality product. Keep it going, and thanks for providing a great product, service and employees!"

- Chad, Mesa, AZ

"My husband and I were at your Mesa showroom this morning and had the great pleasure of having Brittanny's assistance. We are very happy with her friendly, patient attitude as well as her professionalism, and qualified expertise. She made our decision-making a more pleasant experience and we do really appreciate this excellent service! Thank you so much."

- Marianne M., Gold Canyon, AZ

"A month ago I walked into your business and looked for stone for our fireplace. Priscilla helped me in full. She answered all my questions and was very patient with me. Looking for the right stone is NOT easy. She also gave me many names and numbers of Masons who could do the work.... Are we happy ......YES!!!... Thank you for having a great staff to help people pick out something that they will look at for the rest of their lives. We LOVE our fireplace. Keep doing what you do best."

- Cyndie A., Tucson, AZ